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Our Rania could be described in just two words: extremely devoted. It is her unconditional love and loyalty towards our family that make her so unique. Rania, without a bit of jealousy, has accepted a new member of our family, our son. 
She immediately came to see him as another member of the herd that she must guard zealously. So our little boy has a bodyguard that many movie stars would envy him. Rania, unlike Hanka, is highly distrustful and suspicious of strangers, especially when they appear near our son. One cause of this is the dog’s strong sense of territoriality. This makes her an excellent guard, which in turn gives us a sense of security. Rania’s impressive appearance and dignified voice keep unwanted visitors away. However, her menacing attitude is only a pose without any aggression. Of course, if any member of our family is in danger, I’m sure she would courageously defend us. The dog’s spiritual guide is my husband – Rania follows him wherever he goes and whatever he does.
She bravely assisted him in working on the construction of our house, and even the sound of a pneumatic drill did not prevent her from accompanying him all the time. Hence she has come to be dubbed “a builder’s dog”. Rania is ready to do anything to please us. She is very obedient and enjoys doing what she is instructed to do. The greatest reward for her is hugging – she wants to be hugged wherever she is and whatever she’s doing. She is a real pet!
HD-A, ED-0/0, OCD-0

  1. National Dog Show – 22.05.2011; Bytom
    judge: Monika Kuriata Okarmus
    -youth class-
    result: excellent 

  2. National Dog Show – 03. 07.2011; Ustroń
    judge: Piotr Bachurzewski
    -intermediate class-
    result: excellent, position II, silver 

  3. National Dog Show – 10.07.2011; Nowy Targ
    judge: Anna Kochan
    -intermediate class-
    result: excellent, position I , gold, CWC, ZW, BOB 

  4. International Dog Show – 24-25.09.2011; Wrocław
    judge: Andrzej Zamoyski
    -intermediate class-
    result: excellent