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Hanne, a dog we call by the pet name Hanka, is a quintessence of the best in the breed she represents. Our Hanka has an excellent psyche, which is reflected in her mental stability and emotional balance. With her confidence and courage, all kinds of fear are alien to her.
This quality of her character also makes her very sociable – she’s simply a dog that loves people around her. Hanka loves everyone, without exceptions. Her gentleness and balanced attitude towards our child are just charming. Our little son and the dog have developed a truly passionate relationship. For him, Hanka is the most important and constant object of interest. At the same time, Hanulka, which is one more name we call her by, stoically tolerates all the unexpected rumbles of squealing, laughing and shouting from the side of our little boy. She has come to accept our son amazingly well.
The feelings of jealousy and aggression are alien to her. With her great kind-heartedness, all creatures smaller and weaker than her can rely on her favour and understanding. There is nothing that delights our little boy more than the dog’s licks. As befits a shepherd dog, she is very independent, curious and open to the world. She adores playing and she loves tricks. She is an extremely cheerful and vigorous dog. She behaves like a big cat always greedy for hugging. Although Hanka is so gentle and shows no aggression, she is an excellent guard. Nothing will ever escape her attention, and even the slightest rustle will put her on guard. Our Hanka is simply a great companion in our daily life, and she is no troublemaker.
HD-A, ED-0/0, OCD-0

  1. National Dog Show – 22.05.2011; Bytom
    judge: Monika Kuriata Okarmus
    -youth class-
    result: excellent

  2. National Dog Show- 11.09.2011; Chorzow
    judge: Andrzej Kot
    -open class-
    result: excellent, position II, silver

  3. International Dog Show – 24-25.09.2011; Wrocław
    judge: Andrzej Zamoyski
    -open class-
    result: excellent, position III, bronze 

  4. National Dog Show- 16.10.2011; Czestochowa
    judge: Andrzej Kot
    -open class-
    result: excellent, position II, silver